Making Time for Daily Devotions

“But I don’t have any time!”

Believe me…I know how busy life can be when you’re in school. Not only do you have to spend over six hours actually in school, but you have homework, reports, tests, mid-terms, extra-curricular activities, maybe dance or piano lessons, church and youth group. When exactly are you supposed to have time to do all of this Bible reading?!

Here are a few suggestions on how to work your schedule around your devotion time.
Pick what works best for you.

†READ DURING HOMEROOM– If you’ve actually finished your homework and studying at home the night before, then homeroom should be a short but free time for you! Instead of sleeping through homeroom, read a chapter of your devotional book or a chapter in Proverbs like mentioned above. Not only will you get in your daily dose of Scripture, but it will also help to give you a positive attitude to start off the day. It really can help relieve the stress of the test you have coming up or whether or not you’ll be asked to the next dance!

†READ DURING STUDY HALL– I know, maybe you actually use your study hall for studying! You don’t need to read Scripture during the entire study hall. Most classes last around 40 minutes or more. Your devotions or scripture readings don’t need to take more than 15 minutes! That leaves almost a half of an hour for other studying. You should read your devotions during the first 15 minutes of class so that you don’t get distracted toward the end and forget!

†READ BEFORE BED– At the end of the day you are exhausted. Like we mentioned above your devotions or scripture readings shouldn’t take more than 15 minutes. Get dressed and ready for bed. Before you turn out the lights, read your Bible and pray. Once you make a habit of it you won’t be so tired while trying to read. It will calm you down after a long hard day and help give you a peaceful sleep.

†READ AFTER YOUR HOMEWORK– When you’re done with your homework or studying that you do at home, read your bible or devotions. Go straight from studying school work to studying God’s word. Your mind will still be open to learning directly after your homework. Try not to take a break in between or you’re likely to forget to read your Bible altogether. Again, after 15 minutes you’ll be done and ready to watch TV or relax.

†LOCKER SCRIPTURES– You are getting in and out of your locker all day long, why not put a list with your favorite scriptures inside your locker door. Every time you go to grab a book you will see an uplifting scripture to help keep your mind positive throughout the day. You can also put scriptures inside your schoolbooks (don’t write on the books!), or write some on your paper book covers. It’s also a good idea to put similar notes up at home. Some scriptures for the mirror in your bedroom might work for you.

†BIBLE PHONE– What?! Bible Phone, what does that mean? I’m sure that some of you spend your “at home” time talking on the phone, texting, or on IM, Facebook, or Twitter.. It’s easier to keep yourself on accountable when your friends are reading with you. When you’re on the phone take some of that time and read your daily devotion/Scripture together. If you are texting, on IM, Facebook, or Twitter, you can choose a passage that you are going to read and each of you types every other verse. You’ll be reading as you’re typing and receiving what your friend sends to you. It doesn’t have to take real long and then you can continue chatting about your day!

†FAMILY DEVOTIONS– It’s a really great idea to set aside some time during the day when the entire family can read together. There are family oriented devotion books and Bibles available. Not only will you be receiving your daily devotions and drawing closer to God, you will also be getting closer to your family. It is hard to get a time when the entire family is free, so you may want to make this a weekly thing rather than daily. You may also want to share a devotion time just with your mom, it’s always good to have that “girl time” together.

†BIBLE ON CD– Like mentioned here, this can be a great way to receive Scripture when you have a busy schedule. You can listen to it while getting dressed in the morning, before you go to bed, or even while you sleep! In addition, listening to the CD while you read your Bible can help you to understand. Sometimes when reading, our minds tend to wander, listening to the CD and following along with your Bible will help you to stay focused. Be sure that you get the same translation CD as your Bible or it could get confusing.

†COMBINE THEM ALL– You can combine any of the above ideas to suit your schedule! Spreading everything out could help, especially if you are trying a very involved daily study. Here’s example using ALL of the tips together:
•While getting ready in the morning you are listening to the New Testament on CD. Every time you pass your mirror you read your favorite scripture. In the car on the way to school (or on the bus with headphones) you continue listening to the Bible on CD/MP3 or your favorite Christian music.
•Arriving at school you put your coat in your locker and are greeted by another list of great Scriptures! You go to homeroom where you read a chapter of Proverbs.
•In between classes you are reminded of the Scriptures every time you go in and out of your locker. During class you see more uplifting Scriptures that you put on the insides of your books and wrote on your paper book covers. During study hall you read a chapter from Psalms.
•After school, you come home and finish your homework and studying. Before turning on the TV or going on Facebook, you take out your One Year Bible. (Example January 01: Your reading for the day consists of Genesis 1:1-2:25 and Matthew 1:1-2:12.)
•After finishing your reading your phone rings! It’s your BFF from school. You have both been reading a devotion book that’s geared toward teenage girls. You take some time and read your daily devotion together. You then get on the computer to check your email and you get a message from a friend that you met at youth camp. You type a few encouraging passages to one another.
•Now it’s time for bed! While you’re getting changed and laying out your clothes for the next day, you are listening to the New Testament on CD or your favorite Christian music. When you are all ready, you get into bed with your Devotional Bible (you might even be reading along with the CD, depending on what Scripture you’re reading). After this Scripture reading accompanied by devotion or study, you say your prayers. You turn out the lights, and maybe tonight you sleep with your Christian music or the Scriptures on CD playing softly in the background.
•It’s the weekend and your family has picked a day to do a Bible study together. You and your mom have a separate study that you do afterwards and then you talk. Mom always has great advice along with some extra insight into the Scriptures.

You don’t have to do it all like the Superchick above! But at least you know that you can divide your reading throughout the day without having to sit and read for four hours straight! The positive influences are there with you all day long through Scripture reminders around the house and school and listening to the Bible while you do your chores! There’s so many great ways to absorb God’s Word!

I hope that you will use some of these tips and that it will help you in your walk with God!

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Tips for Daily Devotions and Bible Reading

Tips for Devotions and Bible Reading

†READ PROVERBS– The book of Proverbs has exactly 31 chapters. This will give you a chapter to read every day of the month. Seven out of the 12 months have 31 days. On the months that have 30 (or February which has 28 or 29) days, then you can read the 31st chapter along with either the 30th or the 1st, or you could choose to skip that chapter for the month. In a year you’ll read through Proverbs 12 times.

†READ PSALMS– It also a good idea to read a chapter of the book of Psalms daily. There are 150 Psalms. In a year you’ll read through Psalms 2 1/2 times. Some of the chapters are longer, especially 119, so you may want to break these up and read them over several days.

†READ THE NEW TESTAMENT– Trying to read through the entire Bible Genesis to Revelation can be challenging. Begin reading in the New Testament. Remember that the entire Bible is important, you do want to read everything in it, but you don’t have to read in order. It’s a good idea to read a chapter or portion of the New Testament daily along with your other Bible readings.

†ONE/TWO YEAR BIBLES– There are a lot of One or Two Year Bibles available. These Bibles have actual dates from January 1 through December 31, telling you what to read each day. Each day has a portion of Scripture from the Old Testament, New Testament, Psalms, and Proverbs. This will give you a structured reading plan every day so that you don’t need to wonder what to read. In only one or two years (depending on which Bible you choose) you will read through the entire Bible cover to cover!

†DEVOTIONAL BOOKS OR BIBLES– You may want to try a book of devotions. There are a lot of great devotion books out there. Some will be one year devotions, others might only be for 30 days, and usually you read a chapter a day. Also available are devotional Bibles (some geared specifically towards teens and/or girls). These Bibles have daily scripture readings (whether January to December or Monday to Friday) along with a devotion or study for the day. Many devotional books and/or Bibles also have coordinating workbooks or journals to further your devotional experience.

†THE BIBLE (NT) on CD– Now the New Testament or in some cases the entire Bible is available on CD. They do tend to be pricey, but could really help with your daily scripture reading. Listen to it in the car, or in the mornings while getting ready for school, or while you’re cleaning your room! What a convenient and easy way to get your daily dose of the Bible when you’re busy!

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